With the school half-term just weeks away, NHS Kent and Medway is encouraging parents and carers to download the NHS toolkit for five to 11-year-olds.

The digital booklet has useful information about where to go for help, advice on common childhood health problems and items you should have at home. 

It also has information about vaccinations and looking after your child’s mental health.

Be prepared for half-term

If you have planned a trip away, pick up any prescription medications you need in advance and take these with you. 

Make sure you have a well-stocked medicine cabinet at home, which should include:

  • a thermometer
  • oral rehydration sachets
  • plasters
  • pain killers
  • antihistamines. 

Choosing the right service  

If you or your children are not well, get advice from your pharmacist at the first sign of feeling ill – don’t wait for it to get more serious.

You can visit an urgent treatment centre if your child has a suspected broken bone or fracture, a sprain or a strain, minor cut, burn or scald.

Patients can visit a centre without an appointment if they have an urgent condition that needs to be seen on the same day. Use our map to find your nearest one.

Appointments can also be booked by contacting NHS 111 by phone or online. By using NHS 111, patients will know they are going to the right place for treatment.

Kate Langford, Chief Medical Officer at NHS Kent and Medway, said: "There are many different bugs around at this time of year which can cause coughs and colds. In most cases, a cold will clear up in a few days and your child will be safe without the need to see a GP. 

"Medicines, such as children’s paracetamol, can be bought over the counter at supermarkets or a pharmacy. Your local pharmacist will also be able to advise on whether your child’s symptoms are more severe."


Published: May 20, 2024